Daniel Podkanski nominerade till priset Best Practise Årets Ledarinsats 2022

Daniel Podkanski, Section Manager Police Task Force Region Stockholm, nominated for Best Practice 2022: Excellent Leadership Effort

The Jury’s motivering:

Daniel’s commitment and the way he and his team face the challenges that exists in society is inspiring. His driving force is to work with the section to make a difference by focusing creatively and preventively on exclusion and gang problems in our society.

In the culture change that Daniel is carrying out within the section, he shows a clarity about how the section can be developed to collaborate in new ways. He engages through his way of leading, which helps to create an even more agile business. He promotes the police task force fulfilling its responsibilities in close cooperation with local police officers in ways that have a high operational impact.

Some success factors have been:

  • A genuine commitment to the section, the mission and to make a difference.
  • Ability to focus on the section’s possibilities and step outside the box in new and close collaborations with, among others, those who are close to the problem.
  • Ability to listen to the employees and welcome dissent as a way to develop
  • Be a pioneer of the culture that he wants to achieve.
  • Dare to challenge the traditional way of leading and pursuing issues.
  • A positive attitude that opens up for more creativity

A humble, driven and committed leader that we would like to pay attention to.

The Practice jury hereby nominates Daniel Podkanski, Section Manager Police Task Force Region Stockholm, for the award Best Practice 2022: Excellent Leadership Effort.