Best Practise: Excellent Leadership Effort 2022

Here, we regularly present this year’s nominees for Best Practice 2022: Excellent Leadership Effort. Follow Practise People on Linkedin, and you will not miss a nomination.

Previous years' nominations

Ledningen på Autotech nominerade till priset Best Practise Årets Ledarinsats 2022

Management Team of Autotech


Autotech is an inspiring example of how united management, which seriously understands that leadership can require hard and diligent work, manages to go from Words to Actions. For real.
Vem blir nominerad till priset Best Practise Årets ledare

To be announced

The nominees are presented continuously


To be nominated for Best Practice – Leadership Effort of the Year, we look for successful leadership behaviors that also have support in research:

  • Model in actions and values.
  • Forward-looking (ability to create energy and direction through a common view of purpose, goals, and visions).
  • Challenge and question.
  • Release of action power.
  • To encourage and make visible.

The Practice People’s jury consists of David Ol-Lars, Natalia Pšajd, and Sebastian Irehill.