Practice is a training and consulting organization that provides leaders and employees with development that lasts over time. This is how we do it.

Passion for long-term effect

We share a strong passion for teams, leadership and personal development. We are passionate about understanding an organization’s challenges and being able to support with sharp efforts that provide a lasting long-term effect.

World-leading pedagogy

Vi strävar efter att vara  världsledande med modern  pedagogik kombinerat med  de vetenskapliga teorier som  är mest underbyggda.

Train hard, fight easy

We help our customers prepare before it happens – and have the ability to perform when it happens. We create safe conditions for training outside the comfort zone so that the reality becomes easier.

Fun together

To have the long-term effect, we believe in close collaboration with our clients, where we become a team together. It is best when we have fun together.

Constant learning

We are curious and want to constantly develop. An unpretentious atmosphere is a matter of course that enables learning from both clients and partners. We are happy to share knowledge and insights.

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Get better, as professionals and as an organization

Are you willing to invest in your staff to achieve high-performing and prosperous employees in an efficient organization? Research shows that employee engagement directly affects a range of results for the company. Companies and units with committed employees:

are more productive

are more profitable

performs better quality at work

get more satisfied customers

have fewer accidents

have lower sick leave