Develop sustainable and courageous leaders and teams with us.

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?

We help you dare to be really good. And by really good we mean both high-performing and prosperous. The two are, as it were, connected, showing both research and experience – at least for anyone who thinks long-term. Give your leaders and teams development that lasts over time through experience-based training, coaching, consulting services and tests.

How often do you practice at your job?

Practice makes perfect, it is often said. And we firmly believe in that. What distinguishes Practice from others is how much emphasis we place on the training itself and that it gives results. What we give is our name.

Ethical Compass

We work with the best interests of society in mind and strive to do good together with our customers. Therefore, we make an ethical assessment before each assignment and only say yes to those we can fully stand for. Are you one of them?

Leadership Development

Highly effective management teams and brave, authentic leaders who take responsibility.

Team Development

Effective collaborations, high-performing teams and fewer conflicts.

Conflict Management

Properly handled, the challenge can be turned into success.

Crisis Support

For managers and employees – before, during and after the crisis.

Recruitment Tests

Test the actual potential of the candidates.

Leader's letter – 1 important thing every month

Leader’s letter gives you 1 important thing about leadership development and / or team development every month. We choose the content from the research articles, books, tedtalks, podcasts, seminars and conferences that we take part in. It can be a link to a lecture, a summary of a research article, a tip or a guide. Or something else.

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Get better, as professionals and as an organization

Are you willing to invest in your staff to achieve high-performing and prosperous employees in an efficient organization? Research shows that employee engagement directly affects a range of results for the company. Companies and units with committed employees:

are more productive

are more profitable

performs better quality at work

get more satisfied customers

have fewer accidents

have lower sick leave