Recruitment Tests

A unique test concept.

We enables private organizations to test the actual potential of candidates in forms that correspond to the current position.

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Test when recruiting


Wrong recruitment entails large costs for organizations and the importance of finding the right individual who will both perform and thrive in the new role is critical for most people. In the meta-studies that have been done regarding selection methods, it is clear that interviews, CVs and references often form a small basis for assessing which candidate is most suitable.

If, on the other hand, you also add work samples where the candidate is allowed to demonstrate their skills, the accuracy increases considerably. However, work tests are common to ensure competence in relatively practical areas, for example if a candidate has relevant financial knowledge, IT skills, etc.

At special units in the police and military, work tests have long been a matter of course, but the term has a different meaning than in civilian recruitment. The format of work tests has been used to test the candidate’s ability to collaborate with others, make decisions under stress, perform mentally stressful tasks over time, identify learning abilities by training and provide feedback interspersed with test steps and a number of other personal qualities required. This selection method is more process-oriented, and is carried out in groups and places great focus on the candidate’s ability to reflect and use his insights to develop himself but also the group.

Practice has now developed a unique test concept that also enables private organizations to test the actual potential of candidates in forms that to a large extent set the same requirements as the current position entails. Both individually and in groups, depending on the type of service in question.


Urvalskriterier fastställs utifrån kravprofilen för den aktuella tjänsten. Vanliga områden som vi bedömer är:

Ability to understand and handle complex situations

Strategic decision making

Minute-operative decision-making

Ability to cooperate

Stress resistance


Conflict management ability

Ability to reflect and develop quickly by learning from their experiences

Actual professional competence such as sales ability

Leadership qualities

We strive to create realistic test environments with a clear link between requirements profile and selection criteria. We develop unique test scenarios and use professional actors and props to create an authentic feeling. The tests can be anything from short scenarios to extending over a longer period of time. Especially when testing group dynamic behaviors, it is beneficial to let the tests last for a day or longer.

Target group

Leaders, decision makers, salespeople, specialist functions.

Time scope

Examples of time required for tests:

  • Operational leader 2 days
  • Salesman 1 day
  • Senior management position 4 hours

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