Practise Leadership Training for Employees

To lead without being a manager

An experience-based education that trains employees’ ability to collaborate effectively and to manage professional relationships.

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Collaborate effectively, prevent conflicts and develop high-performing teams

Practice Leadership Training for Employees

The experience-based practise trains the employees’ ability to collaborate effectively and to manage professional relationships. Practice Leadership Training for Employees is our self-developed alternative to UGL and is initially recommended for the entire organization and thereafter as an introductory training for new employees.

For a working group to be high-performing, a competent leader is not enough, but all employees need to have both general competence in employeeship and a deeper understanding of their organization regarding e.g. vision, culture and values. If it is lacking in any part, it affects performance and can easily become a source of friction or conflict. The education creates strong experiences and provides unique conditions for a lasting change in your organization.

The skills you train


Effective teams


Active listening
Difficult conversation


Gain increased self-awareness
Become more confident and courageous in dealing with conflicts
More authentic
Reflective approach


Reflect on their organization
Reflect on yourself

Target group

Employees without personnel responsibilities.

Time scope

2 days.

Course start

March 13–14 (2023) in the Stockholm area.


SEK 15,800 excl. VAT. Food and lodging included. Certificate is obtained after completing the course.

We invoice 20% of the course fee upon registration. The remaining amount is invoiced at the start of the course.

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Meet our supervisors

Common to us who work at Practice is that we have a long experience of leadership development, group development and leadership coaching. We are known for our personal commitment and our focus on the whole.

David Ol-Lars

070-354 80 53
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David engages and creates a safe atmosphere where participants dare to step outside the comfort zone and challenge themselves. David has a background in special units in the Police (National Task Force, Crisis Negotiation, Personal Security) and has worked there effectively with the development of highly efficient teams.

Natalia Pšajd

070-577 00 06
Email Natalia

Natalia has the ability to initiate and implement change projects and develop organizations, leaders, teams and employees. With a background from 20 years of experience in sales and company development in leading positions, there is a will and drive to make a difference, contribute and develop effective teams.

Sebastian Irehill

070-890 46 80
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Sebastian helps organizations see the significant role people play in business and what makes the difference between success and failure. With a background as a psychologist and former partner in the Leadership Center, Sebastian has supported a variety of industries, both nationally and internationally.

Amanda Martling

Amanda offers tools and perspectives on how the transition to a sustainable society begins within us. Based on both external sustainability and personal development, she guides to the leadership that is so much needed now. Amanda has extensive experience in strategic environmental issues, change processes and communication.

Lina Eklind

Lina works to reduce the gap between extreme health and extreme ill health. She has over 15 years of experience in leadership and entrepreneurship in health and exercise. Lina’s belief is that a good lifestyle, or finding her own fit as she calls it, does not have to be complicated or boring if you know which way to go.