Crisis Support

We help you with crisis support for managers and employees - before, during and after the crisis.
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Leadership is built in everyday life and tested in the crisis

In a crisis, most things are put to the test, even in organizations. If you manage the crisis in a good way, it can unite and strengthen the organization – if you fail with the management, it can have the opposite effect. The experience of leadership is often digital (you have succeeded or failed) and there are many easy mistakes to avoid if you are aware of which processes come into force.

På Practise ger vi stöd både innan, efter och under krisen till både chefer och medarbetare.


Examples of preparatory efforts:

Education Leadership in crisis situations

Examples of efforts during the crisis:

Support for managers in strategic crisis leadership

Support in how you as a leader take care of yourself and your employees during the crisis.

Crisis support discussions in groups and individually for managers and employees

Examples of efforts after the crisis:

Experience meetings for managers and employees with conversations and reflection to capture and draw lessons

Target group

All organizations that want to become better at handling major stresses and crises.

Time scope

Varies depending on effort.

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    Get better, as professionals and as an organization

    Are you willing to invest in your staff to achieve high-performing and prosperous employees in an efficient organization? Research shows that employee engagement directly affects a range of results for the company. Companies and units with committed employees:

    are more productive

    are more profitable

    performs better quality at work

    get more satisfied customers

    have fewer accidents

    have lower sick leave