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Fjällräven gave Best Practices an average rating of 9.8 out of 10 possible.

“Best Practice has in an exemplary way given us the conditions for an even more highly efficient organization. Roles have been clarified and conditions for sound feedback have been created.”

/Martin Axelhed, CEO Fjällräven

“Practice has a big part in spring success”

Swedavia has enlisted the help of us at Practice for a number of services – including recruitment tests, development of highly effective teams, leadership, conflict management, leadership coaching and crisis management training.

Practice plays a big part in our success. We have a close collaboration where we got to know each other well and which has contributed to many insights and many accurate recruitments. They have an understanding of our entire business and what needs and challenges we face. In addition, they have an ability to support us in terms of business development and leadership, which is directly linked to the recruitment process.

Recruitment is more than just finding the right candidate. Recruitment is also about understanding the business and finding people with potential who can be passionate about what the service calls for.

Pracitise has managed to create this unique service, they have a unique ability to deliver potential to employees. I came to Swedavia myself via recruitment tests arranged by Practice. It was a developing process that gave me a unique opportunity to get into the business quickly. I would say that it saved me two months of introduction when it comes to understanding what my assignment entails and what the business expects of me.

Johanna Hallin Swedavia Referens Practise

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