Develop brave and authentic leaders

With the ability to develop high-performing teams
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Leadership Program

Developed into brave and authentic leaders, with the ability to take responsibility and develop high-performing teams.

Leader Coaching

Develop into the best version of yourself as a leader.

Management Team Development

Bli en högeffektiv ledningsgrupp med starkt engagemang och committment för det gemensamma uppdraget.

Leadership development as a subscription

Better results and lower costs with continuous leadership development

It is not possible to emphasize enough how important it is to have continuity in its development work. To learn, to exercise, to reflect. But how many organizations are able to maintain continuity in parallel with regular operations? It’s not always easy. That’s why we’ve created a Practice subscription service – so that it’s easy for you to continuously develop leaders, teams and culture.


The purpose of Practice subscriptions is to work systematically and long-term for a functioning leadership, world-class team and a sustainable culture. Working long-term and proactively instead of reactively requires less time and resources. That is why, for example, you service the car at regular intervals instead of waiting until it completely collapses – to avoid total collapse with enormous costs as a result.

Annual screening

Practice subscription service starts with an annual screening where we go through how the organization works today. Then we adapt the content to each company’s specific needs.

Clear price picture

It will be easier for you to budget what your development costs with a subscription where the cost is the same every month. Of course, you can still order extra efforts if the need arises.

Priority time

We can block time for you in our calendars well in advance as soon as the efforts are planned.

No lock-in period

There is no lock-in period linked to our subscription service – we work together as long as you are satisfied.

Brave, responsible and authentic leaders with the ability to develop high-performing teams

Practice Leadership Program

The type of leadership that exists in an organization has a major impact on both results and well-being. Lack of leadership can have devastating consequences as well as good leadership can elevate the organization’s results, well-being and brand.

Our leadership programs create the conditions for developing confident, courageous leaders with a high ability to develop healthy, high-performing teams and handle tough leadership challenges such as difficult conversation.

Participants get to develop their leadership into the best version of themselves. We train based on relevant leadership research and motivation theory. The program is offered either specially adapted for your organization or as an open program.

Öppet ledarprogram för ledarutveckling, effektiva team och företagskultur

The skills you train


Leadership theories that have the strongest scientific support:
Transforming leadership
Motivation and basic psychological needs
Effective teams
Goal setting work
Coaching approach
Management theories


Active listening
Coaching leadership
Difficult conversation


Gain increased self-awareness
Become more confident and courageous as a leader
More authentic
Reflective approach


Reflect on their experiences of and as leaders
Exchange of experience around challenges
Land in its own leadership philosophy

Leader coaching

Goal-focused and proven leadership coaching that gives the participant space to grow

Practice leadership coaching can, unlike traditional coaching, also include individual training and counseling in leadership issues. All in consultation with the client in question. With ICF’s (International Coach Federation’s) frameworks and with inspiration for own development through courage, strength and drive, the client is inspired to create new improved and lasting changes. It can mean efficiency, better focus, greater motivation at work, balance and more harmony in life as well as a better leader both for himself and others. Together, we set goals, action plans and activities to achieve results.

Target group


Time scope

Meetings take place at 2-4 week intervals through personal meetings, Skype or phone calls with a minimum of five sessions in one hour.


Leaders often have a need for support and a sounding board outside their own organization. A coach who can both ask challenging questions and support their own development. Leadership coaching supports the development of the individual and the group through increased insights that are translated into action.

Management team development

Highly efficient management teams with strong commitment and commitment for the assignment

The requirements for a management team are seldom in proportion to the time the group has together, which means that there are often no prerequisites for developing a really high-performing team. How well-functioning a management team is is often reflected in an entire organization. Despite these challenges, it is important to invest time and commitment in developing well-functioning processes in the management team, which is a valuable investment with positive consequences for the entire organization. We are convinced that the time set aside needs to be very time efficient and focus on creating consensus around some critical processes. The days include both training and process activities in order to create conditions for an even more well-functioning management team. Prior to a management group development, an initial analysis is always carried out through interviews and questionnaire questions.

Target group

Management teams

Time scope

½ day – 3 days


Create consensus around

  • Why: purpose of the management team.
  • What: its mission.
  • How: How decisions are made
  • Responsibility and division of roles.
  • Rules of the game in the management team.
  • Meeting structure
  • Relationships: Processes for working with the group’s trust and openness to each other

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Get better, as professionals and as an organization

Are you willing to invest in your staff to achieve high-performing and prosperous employees in an efficient organization? Research shows that employee engagement directly affects a range of results for the company. Companies and units with committed employees:

are more productive

are more profitable

performs better quality at work

get more satisfied customers

have fewer accidents

have lower sick leave