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How many organizations are able to maintain continuity in parallel with regular operations? It’s not always easy. With the Practice subscription service, it will be easy for you to continuously develop leaders, teams and culture.

Leadership Training for Employees

Collaborate effectively, prevent conflicts and develop high-performing teams.

Team Development

Perform at an elite level with high performance and job satisfaction when 1 + 1 becomes 3.

Employee development as a subscription

Better results and lower costs with continuous employee development

It is not possible to emphasize enough how important it is to have continuity in its development work. To learn, to exercise, to reflect. But how many organizations are able to maintain continuity in parallel with regular operations? It’s not always easy. That’s why we’ve created a Practice subscription service – so that it’s easy for you to continuously develop leaders, teams and culture.


The purpose of Practice subscriptions is to work systematically and long-term for a functioning leadership, world-class team and a sustainable culture. Working long-term and proactively instead of reactively requires less time and resources. That is why, for example, you service the car at regular intervals instead of waiting until it completely collapses – to avoid total collapse with enormous costs as a result.

Annual screening

Practice subscription service starts with an annual screening where we go through how the organization works today. Then we adapt the content to each company’s specific needs.

Clear price picture

It will be easier for you to budget what your development costs with a subscription where the cost is the same every month. Of course, you can still order extra efforts if the need arises.

Priority time

We can block time for you in our calendars well in advance as soon as the efforts are planned.

No binding period

There is no lock-in period linked to our subscription service – we work together as long as you are satisfied.

Collaborate effectively, prevent conflicts and develop high-performing teams

Practice Leadership Training for Employees

The experience-based practise trains the employees’ ability to collaborate effectively and to manage professional relationships. Practice Leadership Training for Employees is our self-developed alternative to UGL and is initially recommended for the entire organization and thereafter as an introductory training for new employees.

For a working group to be high-performing, a competent leader is not enough, but all employees need to have both general competence in employeeship and a deeper understanding of their organization regarding e.g. vision, culture and values. If it is lacking in any part, it affects performance and can easily become a source of friction or conflict. The education creates strong experiences and provides unique conditions for a lasting change in your organization.

Team Processdygn UGL

The skills you train


Effective teams


Active listening
Difficult conversation


Gain increased self-awareness
Become more confident and courageous in dealing with conflicts
More authentic
Reflective approach


Reflect on their organization
Reflect on yourself

Team development

Become a world-class team

If you have ever had the privilege of working in a well-functioning team, you probably long to return to the satisfaction it provides. Striving for a common goal in a self-propelled team with a lot of trust in each other often creates both high performance and a lot of job satisfaction and the effect 1 + 1 = 3 can occur. Well-functioning teams are not created by chance and it is our experience that they regularly need support in their process. The team leader can do a lot of team development himself, but in order to be able to participate in the process and give the team the opportunity for optimal development, an external supervisor is often needed to develop and challenge the team to new levels. Regular team development creates well-functioning teams and prevents conflicts. We start from the team development theories that have the strongest evidence and analyze the team with validated measurement tools from the Leadership Center.

Target group

Working groups that want to work as a team.

Time scope

1–3 days.

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Get better, as professionals and as an organization

Are you willing to invest in your staff to achieve high-performing and prosperous employees in an efficient organization? Research shows that employee engagement directly affects a range of results for the company. Companies and units with committed employees:

are more productive

are more profitable

performs better quality at work

get more satisfied customers

have fewer accidents

have lower sick leave