Conflict Management

Conflicts in the workplace are part of everyday life.

If conflicts are not handled correctly, they can lead to sick leave, high staff turnover and declining performance. Properly handled, the challenge can be turned into success.

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Conflicts and psychosocial challenges

Conflicts in the workplace can be a naturally developing phase in an organization, but if it is not handled in a constructive way, it can also be a very destructive process that in the worst case can lead to burnout, high staff turnover and declining performance.

Sometimes the conflict is clearly limited to a few individuals and in other cases more difficult to deal with. It is of great importance to address the issue early on in order to avoid it escalating with a declining performance and a poor psychosocial work environment as a result. There can also be legal consequences if an employer does not address the situation.

Our collective experience is that organizations cannot afford to wait to tackle destructive conflicts.


We normally start with an analysis through interviews before proposing measures:


Based on the analysis, we come up with proposals for measures to both handle short-term challenges and get a long-term solution. Examples of different measures:

Team development with a focus on issues where consensus is lacking

Team development with a focus on what works

Tripartite conversation with guidance in challenging feedback

Support in cultural change

Leader coaching

Training with actors in setting boundaries

Advice on organizational change and relocation issues

Target group

Workplace with psychosocial challenges.

Time scope

Based on need.

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