Practise Leadership Training

For Managers

For you who want to be braver and more authentic as a leader,
and strengthen your ability to take responsibility and develop high-performing teams.

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How often do you train your leadership?

Practice makes perfect, it is often said.

Och det tror vi stenhårt på. Det vi gör baseras på forskning och vetenskap, men lika viktigt är chansen att uppleva, känna efter och skaffa egna insikter. Våra kurser och utbildningar innebär att ni tränar rent praktiskt på sådant som gör er bättre, som yrkesmänniskor och organisation.

Become the best version of yourself.

The type of leadership that exists in an organization has a major impact on both results and well-being. Lack of leadership can have devastating consequences as well as good leadership can elevate the organization’s results, well-being and brand.

Our leadership programs create the conditions for developing confident, courageous leaders with a high ability to develop healthy, high-performing teams and handle tough leadership challenges such as difficult conversations. Participants will be able to develop their leadership into the best version of themselves. We train based on relevant leadership research and motivation theory.

Not just now. Always.

We love high-performing leaders, teams and organizations – that last over time. Therefore, we have a special block in the education that is about sustainability for you as a leader, your employees, the organization, the business and the world.

Do not settle for knowledge.

Knowledge is an important part of your competence. But it is not equal to your skills. To be really good, you need to develop all four parts of competence: knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences. That is why we have built the training structure to give you just that.

During the course you will: Learn the basics of Leadership and Management to more effectively develop employees, both your own and others’. After the course you will have a basic understanding of how we humans work. With that knowledge and understanding, you will be better able to influence your own environment to do “right” things and exhibit constructive behaviors. You will better understand yourself and others and you will more easily understand how you can build groups that work together in a sustainable way.

Kompetensen du tränar


Leadership theories that have the strongest scientific support:
Transforming leadership
Motivation and basic psychological needs
Effective teams
Goal setting work
Coaching approach
Wiring theories


Active listening
Coaching leadership
Difficult conversation


Gain increased self-awareness
Become more confident and courageous as a leader
More authentic
Reflective approach


Reflect on their experiences of and as leaders
Exchange of experience around challenges
Land in its own leadership philosophy

Target group

“This training is aimed at managers and leaders who want to develop in their leadership role and are willing to challenge themselves.”

/David Ol-lars, course leader

We will divide the rounds of the leadership program based on level and experience.

Time scope

A total of 6 full days, divided into three modules over 6 months.

Module 1: 2 days
Module 2: 2 days
Module 3: 2 days

Between the modules, the new insights are practiced and in 3 online classes, reflection and learning are deepened. It is possible to supplement the training with individual leadership coaching.

Course start

January 2023 in the Stockholm area.

Modul 1:  January 31– February 1
Modul 2: March 28–29
Modul 3: May 9-10


SEK 47.500 excl. VAT. Food and lodging included. Certificate is obtained after completing the course.

We invoice 20% of the course fee upon registration. The remaining amount is invoiced at the start of the course.

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Meet our supervisors

Common to us who work at Practice is that we have a long experience of leadership development, group development and leadership coaching. We are known for our personal commitment and our focus on the whole.

David Ol-Lars

+46 70 354 80 53
Email David

David engagerar och skapar en trygg atmosfär där deltagare vågar att kliva utanför komfortzonen och utmana sig själva. David har en bakgrund inom specialenheter i Polisen (Nationella insatsstyrkan, krisförhandling, personsäkerhet ) och har där effektivt arbetat med utveckling av högeffektiva team.

Natalia Pšajd

+46 70 577 00 06
Email Natalia

Natalia har förmågan att initiera och genomföra förändringsprojekt samt utveckla organisationer, ledare, team och medarbetare. Med en bakgrund från 20 års erfarenhet inom försäljning och företags-utveckling på ledande positioner finns en vilja och driv till att göra skillnad, bidra och utveckla effektiva team.

Sebastian Irehill

+46 70 890 46 80
Email Sebastian

Sebastian hjälper organisationer att se människans betydande roll i verksamheten och vad som gör skillnaden mellan framgång och misslyckande. Med bakgrund som psykolog och tidigare delägare i Ledarskapscentrum har Sebastian stöttat en mängd olika branscher, både nationellt och internationellt.

Amanda Martling

Amanda offers tools and perspectives on how the transition to a sustainable society begins within us. Based on both external sustainability and personal development, she guides to the leadership that is so much needed now. Amanda has extensive experience in strategic environmental issues, change processes and communication.

Lina Eklind

Lina works to reduce the gap between extreme health and extreme ill health. She has over 15 years of experience in leadership and entrepreneurship in health and exercise. Lina’s belief is that a good lifestyle, or finding her own fit as she calls it, does not have to be complicated or boring if you know which way to go.