Ledningen på Autotech nominerade till priset Best Practise Årets Ledarinsats 2022

The Management Team of Autotech nominated for Best Practice 2022: Excellent Leadership Effort

It is so easy to be impressed by all the organizational miracle stories. Stories about how leaders and managers have moved mountains through their magnificent leadership. But the reality for the vast majority of us is not just magnificent events or great leadership behaviors that grace every single challenge. Reality is not always rosy. It doesn’t always offer ice cream and confetti. Rather, reality can require us to make uncomfortable decisions, it can make us feel lost and sometimes even realize we may have made mistakes along the way. For that reason, the jury wants to nominate the entire management of Autotech for Best Practice 2023: Excellent Leadership. Here you can read more about Autotech’s investment—an investment aiming to focus more on the employees’ situation and well-being.

The Jury’s motivation:

Good leadership is not always succeeding in doing everything right. Good leadership for us is about being open to making mistakes and the courage to learn along the way, so that it will be as right as it can be in the end. Autotech is an inspiring example of how a united management, which seriously understands that leadership can require hard and diligent work, manages to go from Words to Actions. For real.

The management at Autotech consists of:

  • Kristoffer Wallgren, CEO
  • Erik Johansson, CFO
  • Emil Gren, teamledare teknikinformation
  • Jonas Sandén, teamledare teknikinformation
  • Thomas Nyman, teamledare teknikinformation
  • Rickard Karlsson, teamledare visualisering
  • Stefan Ferm, teamledare lärande
  • Frida Marklund, teamledare lärande

Some of the success factors have been:

  • That the CEO and CFO realized the importance of having a management team, in this case also a Team Leader, who takes responsibility for the entire company, together, early on. It requires time, commitment, sensitivity to each other’s perspectives and the courage to dare to look and question one’s own beliefs.
  • A management that invests time and energy in developing their own leadership, together. The CEO and CFO invite the Team Leaders to learn and develop in their leadership during a number of leadership meetings.
  • Team leaders who dare to step forward and take their place. Team leaders who dare to question but at the same time take responsibility for helping to solve what can possibly be improved.
  • Good dialogue with the union. Understanding to build and maintain trust between all parties.
  • Regular individual conversations with all employees. The purpose has been to check: how are you, how are things going and what can we help you with?
  • Courage to stop and talk about things that aren’t working or may even have gone ‘wrong’. To learn from any criticism and see how they should act the next time they possibly face the same challenge again?
  • That management dared to give things time. To hold on and to persevere.

The Practice jury hereby nominates the Management Team of Autotech for the award Best Practice 2022: Excellent Leadership Effort.