Henrik Bunge nominerad till priset Best Practise Årets ledare 2021

Henrik Bunge is nominated for the award Best Practise 2021: Leader of the year

The jury’s motivation:

Henrik Bunge has displayed in his role as CEO at Björn Borg how to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. Like most people in a leading position he also wants to see results. What makes him different from others is the conviction that the path to success goes through his co-worker’s development and wellbeing. The results will follow. Others talk about how employees are a company’s most important resource, but Henrik shows he means it by moving from words to action.  

Henrik is truly invested in each employee’s growth in many ways, among others through the internal leadership program that he runs parts of himself. His engagement along with his own will to evolve both as a person and a leader makes him a forerunner in the field (renaissance man).

Henrik’s work with creating the best conditions for all employees’ wellbeing and growth is tangible in the good atmosphere on location – but in concrete numbers as well. Employee satisfaction has risen significantly thanks to the change management that Henrik has initiated and carried through during a long time.

The company’s targets – both regarding employee satisfaction and how the brand will develop – are something Henrik has managed to convey. Henrik knows what he wants, is tenacious and has an admirable ability to establish common ground towards goals. He has shown that he is willing to invest long-term with both engagement and resources and doesn’t give up if the first attempt doesn’t work. Many companies struggle to set goals, but thanks to Henrik’s way of looking forward there is no doubt about where Björn Borg are heading.

Some factors of success:

  • Create beneficial circumstances and contribute to leadership development
  • Don’t just talk the talk – walk the walk.
  • Stay on the chosen path.
  • Look forward, have a precise and distinct vision for where the organisation is going.

Practise jury hereby nominates Henrik Bunge for the award Best Practise 2021: Leader of the Year.