Mandana Rostampour nominerad till priset Årets ledare 2021

Mandana Rostampour is nominated for the award Best Practise 2021: Leader of the year

The jury’s motivation:

Mandana has excelled in an extraordinary way in performing leadership in healthcare’s important work to save lives during the covid pandemic. We have been touched and filled with energy while working with supporting hospital staff and visiting the temporary covid ward R62 at Karolinska Hospital Huddinge for which Mandana was responsible. The entire staff has radiated commitment, warmth and openness in a way we are not used to feeling.

Many of the employees testify that it has been the best workplace they have been at and how they looked forward to their working days and in the midst of all the stress could feel authentic, safe and seen. As our curiosity grew about what made the department work so well, we attended both morning meetings and observed Mandana’s leadership. In an environment where managers have received a lot of criticism, Mandana dares to stand out and take space as a leader. At the morning meeting, Mandana gives an inspirational speech and returns to the purpose of their everyday activity, to save lives. She also takes time for everyone to feel seen, for example through a simple “taking turns to share with the team” in the morning.

Mandana has an ability to challenge and spur her staff with warmth while she has the courage to take on necessary conflicts. Many affirm that she is the best boss they have had. In addition to Mandana’s leadership, we believe that the entire department together has contributed to the successful unpretentious climate that has been created at R62.

Some factors of success have been:

  • The staff have chosen to be honest, open and positive, which has created the strong feeling of security and low prestige.
  • Personnel added from other industries, e.g. the restaurant industry have contributed to creating an extra positive attitude and a professional service treatment.

Practise jury hereby nominates Mandana Rostampour for the award Best Practise 2021: Leader of the year.